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Here are some things to consider before ordering your custom designed, hand-crafted knife:
  • First and foremost, the knives I make are really “custom,” and because of this you have some flexibility in the choice of materials used in the construction of your knife. The photos, descriptions and specifications listed in our website are basic ideas of what we have made and what can be used in the construction of your knife. Please make sure to contact me to discuss the things that will make your custom knife a one-of-a-kind, uniquely personalized tool that best fits your needs.
  • Second, in choosing the materials for a knife you should consider what your purpose, intentions, and uses are for the knife. Will it be carried on your belt on the job? What are the utility needs of your profession? Will it need to be more durable than something bought as a collectable item? These are some questions to help you get started, however, you should think about what, how and where your knife will be used before ordering. Click here to learn more about the materials we have available and their uses and practicalities.

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